Company Philosophy

Keystone Engineering Solutions, Inc. was founded on the philosophy of provided quality mechanical and energy engineering at a reasonable price. In addition, the company strives to not only meet, but exceed the customer's specifications and expectations while performing within a given budget and schedule.

Keystone Engineering Solutions, Inc. knows that in order to meet the customer's expectations, you must first understand them clearly.

This understanding can only be achieved when there is open communication between the design team and the customer. Keystone's personnel are gifted in the area of technical and layman communication and often times are made the engineer in charge of the design teams. “We'll hold your design together” has become our slogan.

In November 2003 William Bisset, a California State Licensed Mechanical Engineer and Certified Energy Manager formed Keystone Engineering Solutions, Inc., a mechanical and energy engineering company. William quickly surrounded himself with individuals with similar mindsets but with expertise in the following fields to enhance Keystone Engineering Solutions, Inc.'s offering:

•  AutoCAD Drafting

•  Controls Engineering

•  Energy Engineering/Development

•  Lighting Retrofit Development

At Keystone we provide “Customer Centered Technical Solutions”. A “Customer Centered Technical Solution” is a solution that is developed with the customer's end goals in mind and ensuring that the customer feels a part of the development team throughout the project. This approach is much different than the normal practice of most engineering firms of developing technical solutions in a vacuum with the attitude that the engineer knows what is best.

Keystone Engineering Solutions, Inc. specializes in providing quality mechanical and energy engineering and design at a fair price. We also have the expertise to provide: “in house” AutoCAD drafting, 3-D modeling, energy auditing and analysis, project development, project management, construction support and can provide expert witness services.

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